Delta Sheet Metal

Quality from conception.

Who is Delta Sheet Metal?

Since its inception, Delta has expanded to include a 100,000-square-foot fabrication facility with nearly 400 employees and has grown into a leader in the sheet metal industry.  Delta Sheet Metal is an all-encompassing service provider that manufactures and installs materials for core and shell projects, tenant interior projects, sewage treatment plants, airports, hospitals, stadiums, shopping malls, and other big-box realty sites.   

At Delta Sheet Metal, we recognize the value of working together. Our internal divisions coordinate their efforts from inception with our 28 CAD BIM Draftsmen and our highly trained fabricators. Concluding with our expert installers, our goal to consistently deliver a high-quality product has been the key to our success. We have been able to sustain our high level of growth and prosperity by working with the most innovative technologies and guaranteeing the continued delivery of uncompromising service for our clients.

When it comes to creating the dependable products P.J. Mechanical specializes in, sheet metal fabrication is essential to the process. Like an HVAC, any system made from metal requires sheet metal fabrication. This is the creation process that takes a sheet of metal and forms it into the necessary shape for the part or foundation needed for the HVAC systems that keep your business running cool.  

By working with Delta Sheet Metal, your business is not only sticking with the P.J. Mechanical family, but you’re ensuring the highest quality for the system you’re investing in. Each HVAC system is backed by the P.J. Mechanical promise that stands by every installation and offers 24/7 maintenance when needed. To learn more about the services P.J. Mechanical offers or to get started on your HVAC system installation or upgrade, call us today!


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