Commercial System Installation & Upgrades

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Commercial System Installation & Upgrades

Whether your project requires the installation of a new system or an upgrade to an existing one, PJ Mechanical brings comprehensive expertise to your project to install all components of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. With over 50 years of commercial mechanical experience, PJ can handle simple unit replacements or become your trusted partner in building out an entire building or space for a turnkey installation experience.

Ductwork Installation for Air Distribution

Delta Sheet Metal, part of the PJ Mechanical family, is the largest duct manufacturer in the NY metro area, offering our clients a seamless installation process. Delta furnishes first-in-class drafting, fabrication, and installation of the ductwork systems needed to deliver the air as designed by your specs. Delta maintains an experienced project management team to ensure our clients have the support and coordination during their projects.

Piping Systems

Our Local 638 Steamfitters provide the installation of our piping systems. They are equipped with the skills and qualifications (including graduating from a five-year apprenticeship program) to correctly, efficiently, and safely install all aspects of your project's piping systems.


Maintaining energy efficiency and protecting your systems from outside elements is a critical part of the longevity of your piping and ductwork systems. Founded in 1992, Expert Insulation is our Local 12 insulation company, also a part of the PJ Mechanical family. Expert maintains an outstanding reputation and is known for timely delivery and quality craftsmanship.

Technical Services

The hallmark of PJ Mechanical's approach is the evaluation, assessment, and managing of the installation of an extensive array of control technologies through certified installers. By working together with our design team, our Technical Service department closes gaps and identifies potential problems before they happen, pre-emptively implementing the appropriate solution. Our attention to detail eliminates problems in the field during the startup phase and provides valuable guidance to tradesmen during installation.

Balancing, Startup, and Commissioning

As a client's project enters the final stages and is transitioned to the client, PJ Mechanical deploys a team of highly-qualified technicians to start up the installed system. We work carefully through the balancing and commissioning of the entire HVAC system. This final step requires critical coordination between other trades, agents, and our clients' representatives to ensure the system is functioning as designed before we do the final handoff.


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