Safety Commitment

Protecting you and your investment. 

Safety Commitment

At P.J. Mechanical, safety is our number one priority. We believe that accidents are avoidable and can be prevented with the proper precautions and training. In order to create a safe working environment, all members of our organization must be committed to safety through positive attitudes and compliance with our written programs.

We understand that our business success depends on the environment and the sustainability of the natural resources we all share. 

With every single project, there is always oversight by project management, field supervisors and corporate safety and health director to ensure we conduct all work activities in conformance with N.Y.C. D.O.B and O.S.H.A safety requirements.

Our written Health and Safety Plans are intended to guide our organization and our employees toward compliance with applicable Federal, State, and City safety regulations.

Our continual goal is to exceed industry standards for safety and ensure you have the best experience with us possible.


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