Expert Insulation

Top quality fiberglass for your installations.

What is Expert Insulation?

Expert Insulation is a vital part of the P.J. Mechanical family that provides the thermal insulation for sheet metal, ductwork, pumps and piping applications needed to ensure every project is backed with the best materials. 

Since 1992, our top-grade Fiberglass insulation has provided the most reliable and economic protection for HVAC equipment and reduces leakage and energy waste. We help make your buildings more energy-efficient, quiet and comfortable, which saves your business time and money in the long run. 

Why does Expert Insulation matter for your project?

At P.J. Mechanical, it's important to us that you have access to the highest quality materials for your business needs. That's why we created our own with Expert Insulation. This means your business gets higher-quality materials at a lower rate. This fiberglass insulation works to slow heat and cold spread in residential and commercial insulation projects. In addition, because the fiberglass limits the amount of air coming into the building, it makes the environment more comfortable and saves you hundreds on your electric bill. 


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